Tea & PV

Portholme Church will host a visit from Keir Mather MP on Friday 10 November at 4pm at our “Tea and PV” commissioning event.

Save Energy, Save the PlanetAt this point you are probably scatching your head and wondering what on earth is “Tea and PV”! We wouldn’t blame you.

Put simply, this is Portholme Church’s next step in the journey towards achieving “Net Zero Carbon” following on from the installation of our solar (PhotoVoltaic) panels. That’s the PV part of it.

But where does Tea come into this? Well, now the solar panels are installed, we can show data about the energy the panels are generating on screens inside the churches and start to spread the word about how much electricity can be generated and what an impact this can make to people and the environment. We thought cups of tea were a good way of explaining this: the amount of energy it takes to brew one cup of tea is one way of communicating the benefit of solar panels. Of course, sitting and chatting about solar energy over a cup of tea is another great way of spreading the word.

Come along and find out more at this lauch event. You will then be able to see how much difference the panels are making, one cup of tea at a time.

Energy for Tomorrow